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time to play

let’s read what it says

first function catcher  and it trigger the suid  and drop the bash nice  this is what we want


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after login to the ssh server levels located on /levels so let’s play  level1

as u notice it had suid permeation  -r-sr-x— for level2  so it will lead us to a user (level2 )

I entered any test number and it leads me with no respond 😀 crazy huh! so I decided to look […]

NGINX forward visitor real ip to apache

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let’s assume u have NGINX on port 80 apache on port 8080   in nginx config -> sever config -> virtualhost config


Files Encrypt with GPG

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GPG = Gnu Privacy Guard To secure file from unauthorised access with the password in Linux/Unix is very simple method 🙂 lets assume we have a secure file with some financials stuff called orders.xls and we want to email it to our partners  and we  want to get sure just he is the only one […]

Script : MySQL Create Database UTF-8 with user and password

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we do  create many  databases every day and i love UTF-8 data formate so i decided to make  something simple and save my time here is the syntax to create a database called unixawy in utf8

to add a user for unixawy with password unixawysecret

also, i made a simple script to save my […]

Rest MySQL root password

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we all hate this ERROR 1045 (28000): the problem starts with  “you can’t access and u will not be able to change the MySQL/MariaDB password while the service is running u have to disable it and run mysqld_safe which will allow u to update the user table inside MySQL database with no password then u will […]

Hello world!

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Welcome to UNIXAWY. This is my first post. I made the blog to save someone time as someone saved my time 😉