RPM integrity and scripts

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Yum repository comes with gpg  and md5 support to verify the validity of the package You can list installed gpg keys in your system via

It will show the unique id for the installed keys in your  system gpg-pubkey-e8562897-459f07a4 gpg-pubkey-217521f6-45e8a532 To list all information related to a key rpm -qi pgp-key-unique-id

  It […]

RedHat Packaging Security with yum

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RedHat comes with a mitigated package called RHSA (RedHat security advisory) This RHSA comes with a unique id  like CVE Contain the date of fix and these type packages  come for the applications that shipped from RedHat Example RHSA-2015:0291 For listing available updates for application

For quick installation to security batches