Python Progress Bar

Categories: Python

simple standalone bar u can implement it on your code it will show a progress bar of items range


Duplicate File Finder By MD5SUM

Categories: Python, Security

Hello this is a simple script to find the duplicated files by md5sum so if u have 2 files with the same content  but with different   names, u still can catch them

TrueCrypt Password bruteforce

Categories: Python, Security

hello, guys, this  script will simply mount the container with the password form the given password list


Django Notes

Categories: Python

ORM Notes

Automatic flight ticket script

Categories: Python, Web

python script  to demonstrate  the splinter library this script keep searching till finding a ticket and book it  🙂 rest and wait your reservation number

Bitcoin Speech Price Tracker

Categories: Python

simple python script to bitcoin price speech is the target price reached it takes argument 1 as a target price simple but still useful to monitor bitcoin price via speech  

underc0de 3 WalkThrough

Categories: Python, Security, tech, Uncategorized, Web

loaded the virtual machine and run netdiscover to get the machine IP

x.112 is  the target   so let’s see what ports available

apache is on 😀 so let’s brute-force the directory in the server

Script : MySQL Create Database UTF-8 with user and password

Categories: Databases, Python

we do  create many  databases every day and i love UTF-8 data formate so i decided to make  something simple and save my time here is the syntax to create a database called unixawy in utf8

to add a user for unixawy with password unixawysecret

also, i made a simple script to save my […]