RedHat / Centos Repository you must have

RedHat and centos come with the default repo so you have to install additional repos to get all your software from yum   epel ius remi rpmfroge

  enjoy   this list for 64bit system centos 7 u can customise  the links as you got the link

MySQL force delete rows

MySQL check if there is a relation between rows before deleting it it will raise an error can’t delete or update a parent row we need to till mysql to stop this check

to reactivate it


bruteforce ftp files and folders

sometimes if the listing not working we need to brute force files and folders here is a simple python script to brute-force folders

FTP brute force files note this script will try to download files in your dictionary attack so recommend to run it inside tmp folder



Smash The Stack  Level 6

this app take 2 argument 1 – username 2- password it takes it then say hi also, it checks ur env language and change the msg

let’s make some love with gdb btw without change ur language, it will not overwrite the EIP

Get Environment Variable memory Address

some time u put the shellcode inside  the environment and u will need the address of it to build ur payload here is a simple C code to get the address


Python Progress Bar

simple standalone bar u can implement it on your code it will show a progress bar of items range


Duplicate File Finder By MD5SUM

Hello this is a simple script to find the duplicated files by md5sum so if u have 2 files with the same content  but with different   names, u still can catch them

TrueCrypt Password bruteforce

hello, guys, this  script will simply mount the container with the password form the given password list


Django Notes

ORM Notes