Jump between domains – Enterprise Admins Golden Ticket

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How to take over all the domains. But let’s add a quick recap first. To build an active directory domain, you start with a root domain, for example, UNIXAWY.CORP, which is the root domain/company, then you start a new branch or merge and acquisition a new company, then you want to extend your network for […]

Heap Memory

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Heap Memory, it starts from lower address and increases to higher address malloc malloc(size) allocate memory, return a pointer realloc(pointer, size) resize currently allocated memory for bigger or lower by relocating, return a pointer free() remove allocated memory calloc() like malloc but create a memory with zeros, better for security to prevent memory leaks! dlmalloc() […]

IDA Debugger: you don’t have the necessary privileges.

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during reverse engineering session, I encountered error from IDA saying “The debugger could not attach to the selected process. This can perhaps indicate the process was just terminated, or that you don’t have the necessary privileges.” I was debugging a 64-bit console application under WinDBG, and I did start IDA as Administrator, but it still […]

GDB hook .gdbinit

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GDB hook that helps without third-party apps

Shellcode validation via C pointer

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C snippet to test the shellcode replace your shellcode with your custom payload  

Run MySQL Cluster Multi Masters For High Availability

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Hello Folks, it’s has been a while I didn’t write new articles, it’s has been a while I didn’t write new articles, so time to give back to the community, I will describe how to implement MySQL cluster for high-availability and disturbed workload MySQL Cluster Architect comes with new process ndbd and ndb_mgmd ndb is used […]

Linux Performance Co-Pilot with WebUI

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Performance Co-Pilot allow sysadmins to collect and measure data from various systems, it comes in RPM packages for Red Hat 6 to 7 website http://pcp.io/ installing Performance CO-Pilot

pcp  packages comes with different services pmcd,pmlogger  pmcd  : performance metrics collector daemon

pcp packages come with many commands to gather information about the machine like […]

Facebook Mass Invite to Like script

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today I wrote  a script to help in sending an invitation to like your page this happens when you promote a post for your audience and they interact with your post but they forget to like your page so this script will help you to mass invite them in once 1 – click on the […]

Docker Persistent Storage for MySQL Server and SELinux

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hello everyone today we will make MySQL Docker Container with Shared Storage first let’s pull latest MySQL  version of docker

after we did download the latest image this image come in handy with some awesome parameters MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD MYSQL_DATABASE with this  parameters, we can create a database and set root password for mysql now let’s create a […]

IPtables PREROUTING, POSTROUTING for mixed interfaces via DNAT & SNAT

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hello world, let’s hit the point directly 1 – we have traffic coming from Source IP to our box and we need to Route it to another destination ( traffic forwarding ) 2- we have traffic coming from Source IP to our box and we need to Route it to another destination ( traffic forwarding ) […]