Run MySQL Cluster Multi Masters For High Availability

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Hello Folks, it’s has been a while I didn’t write new articles, it’s has been a while I didn’t write new articles, so time to give back to the community, I will describe how to implement MySQL cluster for high-availability and disturbed workload MySQL Cluster Architect comes with new process ndbd and ndb_mgmd ndb is used […]

Docker Persistent Storage for MySQL Server and SELinux

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hello everyone today we will make MySQL Docker Container with Shared Storage first let’s pull latest MySQL  version of docker

after we did download the latest image this image come in handy with some awesome parameters MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD MYSQL_DATABASE with this  parameters, we can create a database and set root password for mysql now let’s create a […]

phpMyAdmin error #1146

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#1146 – Table ‘phpmyadmin.pma_tracking’ doesn’t exist   this error indicates that phpmyadmin pages failed in setup  and you just ignored it in the setup process you need to reconfigure the package again  

  after you follow the reinstall steps it will setup the missing sql files for pma tables  

MySQL force delete rows

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MySQL check if there is a relation between rows before deleting it it will raise an error can’t delete or update a parent row we need to till mysql to stop this check

to reactivate it


Script : MySQL Create Database UTF-8 with user and password

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we do  create many  databases every day and i love UTF-8 data formate so i decided to make  something simple and save my time here is the syntax to create a database called unixawy in utf8

to add a user for unixawy with password unixawysecret

also, i made a simple script to save my […]

Rest MySQL root password

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we all hate this ERROR 1045 (28000): the problem starts with  “you can’t access and u will not be able to change the MySQL/MariaDB password while the service is running u have to disable it and run mysqld_safe which will allow u to update the user table inside MySQL database with no password then u will […]