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Convert VirtualBox HardDisk To VMware

hello in this article we will simply convert vhd file (VirtualBox disk image)

to VMware disk


our VirtualBox disk is “systemdisk.vhd”

we will use qemu emulator to convert the disk

our target app to do the convert is



port forward & pivoting with meterpreter

Let’s assume u attacked machine with 2 nic cards

our IP is

first, one ip is that you reach it from

and in ifconfig shows, the machine has a different  IP

you can scan the network 10.0.2.x via meterpreter


we can connect to the RDP server of the machine

via adding a route from out local port 9389 to the machine

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IPTABLES redirect all ports to one port

hello this  iptables rule

to redirect all incoming traffic from all ports to one port example 80 on ip


MetaSploit Payload to Executable EXE

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