Linux Disk Encryption with LUKS

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today we going to make an encrypted disk partition

list prepare our partition

I have a new disk in  /dev/sdb

I will create a partition 100 on it with fdisk

our new partition is /dev/sdb1

to encrypt this partition we have to format it first with LUKS

okay now we have a partition disk encrypted we need to make it usable

to use this disk first u have to open it with LUKS

when you use LUKS to open partition  you should name the partition and this name will be used later for mounting

let’s see how to do it

u will get new partition in device mapper called crypted1  this is the name

it’s open but we still can’t use it need some filesystem structure so we will add ext4 to this mapper

finally, our partition is ready for use

and here we go

now we can unmount this partition and close it and our file is safe 😉

happy privacy!


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