Persistent mount for luks with unlock Key

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creating a encrypted disk with luks our  Little problem here to mount a encrypted disk  automatically on boot so no need to enter the pass for mounting but this risky if the machine theft happen because we will use a key inside the system and it will be leaked if our machine stolen so lets […]

Linux Disk Encryption with LUKS

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today we going to make an encrypted disk partition list prepare our partition I have a new disk in  /dev/sdb I will create a partition 100 on it with fdisk

RPM integrity and scripts

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Yum repository comes with gpg  and md5 support to verify the validity of the package You can list installed gpg keys in your system via

It will show the unique id for the installed keys in your  system gpg-pubkey-e8562897-459f07a4 gpg-pubkey-217521f6-45e8a532 To list all information related to a key rpm -qi pgp-key-unique-id

  It […]

nmap cheat sheet

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nmap scan sheet cheat 😀 Host Discovery

arp scan

Stealth Scan

  Idle Scan

  Version Scan

port forward & pivoting with meterpreter

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Let’s assume u attacked machine with 2 nic cards our IP is first, one ip is that you reach it from and in ifconfig shows, the machine has a different  IP you can scan the network 10.0.2.x via meterpreter arp_scan

we can connect to the RDP server of the machine […]

MetaSploit Payload to Executable EXE

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Smash The Stack  Level 6

this app take 2 argument 1 – username 2- password it takes it then say hi also, it checks ur env language and change the msg

let’s make some love with gdb btw without change ur language, it will not overwrite the EIP

Get Environment Variable memory Address

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some time u put the shellcode inside  the environment and u will need the address of it to build ur payload here is a simple C code to get the address


Duplicate File Finder By MD5SUM

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Hello this is a simple script to find the duplicated files by md5sum so if u have 2 files with the same content  but with different   names, u still can catch them

TrueCrypt Password bruteforce

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hello, guys, this  script will simply mount the container with the password form the given password list