IPTABLES redirect all ports to one port

hello this  iptables rule to redirect all incoming traffic from all ports to one port example 80 on ip


RedHat / Centos Repository you must have

RedHat and centos come with the default repo so you have to install additional repos to get all your software from yum   epel ius remi rpmfroge

  enjoy   this list for 64bit system centos 7 u can customise  the links as you got the link

MySQL force delete rows

MySQL check if there is a relation between rows before deleting it it will raise an error can’t delete or update a parent row we need to till mysql to stop this check

to reactivate it


Rest MySQL root password

we all hate this ERROR 1045 (28000): the problem starts with  “you can’t access and u will not be able to change the MySQL/MariaDB password while the service is running u have to disable it and run mysqld_safe which will allow u to update the user table inside MySQL database with no password then u will […]