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Convert VirtualBox HardDisk To VMware

hello in this article we will simply convert vhd file (VirtualBox disk image)

to VMware disk


our VirtualBox disk is “systemdisk.vhd”

we will use qemu emulator to convert the disk

our target app to do the convert is



RedHat / Centos Repository you must have

RedHat and centos come with the default repo

so you have to install additional repos to get all your software from yum


  1. epel
  2. ius
  3. remi
  4. rpmfroge




this list for 64bit system centos 7

u can customise  the links as you got the link


level 4 😀

so i will read the code

popen to execute whoami

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NGINX forward visitor real ip to apache

let’s assume u have

NGINX on port 80

apache on port 8080


in nginx config -> sever config -> virtualhost config


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Files Encrypt with GPG

GPG = Gnu Privacy Guard

To secure file from unauthorised access with the password in Linux/Unix is very simple method 🙂

lets assume we have a secure file with some financials stuff called orders.xls

and we want to email it to our partners  and we  want to get sure just he is the only one will be able to read it

first we will encrypt the file with password

gpg -c orders.xls

it will create a file orders.xls.gpg   this file that will be sent to our partners

notice the gig extension in the end of the file

this file will be only decrypted if  our partners enter the correct password

decrypt the file with password



Rest MySQL root password

we all hate this ERROR 1045 (28000):

the problem starts with  “you can’t access and u will not be able to change the MySQL/MariaDB password while the service is running u have to disable it and run mysqld_safe which will allow u to update the user table inside MySQL database with no password then u will be able to run MySQL/MariaDB again with  the new password”

First Solution

1 – service mysqld stop

2 – mysqld_safe –skip-grant-tables

3 – run mysql command it will let u in without password

4 – now u will be able to  update the user table

apply this code inside mysql shell

the new root password will be UNIXAWY

5 – killall mysqld

6- service mysqld start

Second Solution

1- create file restmysqlpwd.txt

2 – insert this code inside


3 – service mysqld stop

4 – mysqld_safe –init-file restmysqlpwd.txt

5- killall mysqld

6 – service mysqld start