Learn How to Learn

focused and diffuse mood 

1 – concentration in something for a period of time (pomodoro)

  • 25 min focus
  • no interruptions
  • reward



  • working memory 4 slots so it needs to chunk the data
  • long term memory hard to find ur way in

moving from working memory to long-term memory need

  • the time between memory to make it have a strong base
  • repeating it many times per week

known something doesn’t mean u can do it

data chunks

  • understanding the small parts how it works
  •  focused attention
  • the full picture
  • practice

top to down (big picture)

bottom to up (chunking)

deep learning

  • recall from your memory  (look away and recall what u read )
  • illusion from your self (very dangerous)  (highlight carefully(misleading ) )
  • a mini test is a kind of recall (mistakes is valuable )
  • changing the place you are reading the book in and connected the stuff you read to this place will help you to remember it when u set in the exam lab
  • mind mapping and connections between the concepts