removable disk could lead to privilege escalation

privilege escalation linux with flash disk

removable media with setUID , setGID files could gives privilege escalation
example copy nice command to ur flash storage and ask ur friend to print files in his system then run the command
nice like

it will say root

problem occurs from mounted partition without noexec,nosuid parameter

enjoy ur automount


happy hacking 😉

nmap cheat sheet

nmap scan sheet cheat 😀

Host Discovery

arp scan

Stealth Scan


Idle Scan


Version Scan

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port forward & pivoting with meterpreter

Lets assume u attacked machine with 2 nic cards

our ip is

first one ip is that you reach it from

and in ifconfig shows the machine has a different   ip

you can scan the network 10.0.2.x via meterpreter


we can connect to the rdp server of the machine

via adding route from out localport 9389 to the machine

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MetaSploit Payload to Executable EXE

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bruteforce ftp files and folders

sometimes if the listing not working we need to brute force files and folders

here is a simple python script to bruteforce folders

ftp bruteforce files

note this script will try to download files in ur dictionary attack

so recommend to run it inside tmp folder


Get Environment Variable memory Address

some time u put the shellcode inside  the environment and u will need the address of it to build ur payload

here is a simple C code to get the address



TrueCrypt Password bruteforce

hello guys this  script will simply will mount the container

with password form the given password list


Files Encrypt with GPG

GPG = Gnu Privacy Guard

To secure file from unauthorised  access with password in linux/unix is very simple method 🙂

lets assume we have a secure file with some financials stuff called orders.xls

and we want to email it to our partners  and we  want to get sure just he is the only one will be able to read it

first we will encrypt the file with password

gpg -c orders.xls

it will create a file orders.xls.gpg   this file that will be sent to our patenter

notice the gig extension in the end of the file

this file will be only decrypted if  our patenter enter the correct password

decrypt the file with password